World Alzheimer’s Day

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Today Is World Alzheimer’s Day Today, September 21st 2018, marks the 14th anniversary of World Alzheimer’s Day. This international campaign was created for organisations globally to encourage people to spread the word about Alzheimer’s which is the most common and recognized form of dementia. Despite affecting millions of people all over the world [...]

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Wearable Yeast “Microbrewing” To Protect From Dangerous Radiation Exposure Scientists have created new bandages that are made by the same yeast that make beers. The bandages are called “microbrewies”. These wearable microbrewies were made to protect body from dangerous radiation exposure by measuring it to prevent tissue damage that causes cancer. The patches [...]

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BeMedTech’s 60th Anniversary

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Brussels 19th of November 2018 STRAMMER is proud to announce that we are co-sponsoring the beMedTech 60th anniversary event on November 19th in Brussels. The afternoon event, followed by a drink and walking dinner, will display all aspects of a value-based healthcare system that regards needs, urgency, timing, opportunities and commitment. BeMedTech represents [...]

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Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

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Non-Alcoholic Fatty liver Disease The term ‘fatty liver’, is frequently associated with people with high alcohol intake. However, people that suffer from a fatty liver don’t necessarily, get the disease from alcohol abuse. The disease (NAFLD) is characterized by too much fat stored in liver cells. This is simply caused by an [...]

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CEO Announcement for Strammer

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Paris, September 4th, 2018 Former CEO, David Mercier  , will continue to serve STRAMMER as Founder & Executive Chairman. Read what he has to say about this very exciting development below:   Over the past 10 years, doing the best for you and our clients has always been at the heart of my actions and motivation within STRAMMER.  As a result, [...]

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How to demonstrate emotional intelligence during a job interview

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How To Show Emotional Intelligence In A Job Interview It’s well-known that soft skills will be fundamental skills of the future. One thing that will be of a great importance and includes various soft skills is emotional intelligence. More companies are willing to hire people that show high emotional intelligence, which means that [...]

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Tattoo For Electronic Health Monitoring

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Ultra-Thin Health Monitoring Tattoo Researchers from the University of Texas designed a temporary tattoo made of graphene, that can be applied to the skin with some water. This graphene-based health monitor is almost transparent and works like a wearable electronic device that monitors the electrical activity of the brain, heart and muscles. The health-monitor [...]

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Rehabilitation Robot called”HARMONY”

By |August 23rd, 2018|News|

Rehabilitation Robot for People With Neuromuscular Disabilities Researchers at the ReNeu Robotics Lab from the University of Texas at Austin, have been working on a rehabilitation robot for people that have neuromuscular disabilities after a stroke, for example. People with neuromuscular disabilities have to take part in extensive physiotherapy programs with the help [...]

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3 Reasons Why Clinical Trials Fail

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3 Reasons Why Clinical Trials Fail Clinical trials are used to test how novel treatments compare with already existing treatments or their potential to cure a new disease. The main goal of medication is the significant impact on patient care, which requires several test phases to ensure that this goal is achieved. However, [...]

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Soft Skills Become New Hard Skills

By |August 16th, 2018|News|

Increasing Demand For Soft Skills In Companies As already mentioned in our previous article about the millennials generation, digitalisation is taking place in our everyday lives. It doesn’t only impact our personal life, but also the labour market and whole industries, such as life sciences. New innovations demand new skills that are much-needed [...]

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