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Qualiopi Certified

Bilan de compétences Strammer : Processus certifié Qualiopi


What they say about it

Emmanuel L.

"effective, professional and relevant training."

Guillaume P.

"Training delivered with high quality and professionalism. Very rich in learning, in self-analysis. Always with benevolence".

Myriam K.

"positive and interesting training".

Julien K.

"Good follow-up, efficient trainer"

Daniele M.

"Coaching has allowed me to approach recruiting from a different angle with more confidence in a goal of discussion and discovery."

Richard T.

"This training allowed me to reinforce my ideas about the skills assessment and allowed me to take another look at my resume and my LinkedIn."

Claire S.

"The skills assessment helped me gain confidence in my new career direction and structure the steps."

Aurore T.

"It was top notch, and unexpectedly, I was being interviewed during my training and within a week I was hired at my new job!"

Francesca B.

"Quite impressed that in two sessions each time I was able to achieve visible results. I really appreciated the fact that I could contact a coach for some advice before real interviews. I would recommend this assessment!"

Souad M.

"Very good treatment from the strammer team thank you."

Renan F.

"Strammer gave me confidence very quickly, which allowed me to have a dynamic in my search. Follow-up by a team, not just one consultant.  Back to employment in less than 5 months."

Camille is at your disposal to help you structure and launch your projects!

  • RNCP certified coach
  • Certified in talent management and development (IGS)
  • Certified in skills assessment at Patio Formation

Camille from Strammer will personally accompany you in the development of your skills!

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Qualiopi - Processus certifié
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What is it?

Bring your projects to life and write your new professional chapter  

  • Take a look at your career.
  • Review one's skills.
  • Find motivation and meaning at work.

This is the essence of the “Career Booster".

Qualiopi - Processus certifié
  • Remote or face-to-face
    We have the possibility of doing both 100% face-to-face (in our Strammer offices in Paris) and 100% remote training by videoconference (thanks to our Modjo tool).
    The choice is yours! 
  • You move at your own pace
    We offer you a customized 6-session support with certified coaches and approved trainers and assessors!
    The course is adapted to your needs.
  • Let's talk about it together
    We are at your disposal to assist you in your project and in your financing methods.

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