Executive Management

David Mercier

David Mercier email3 Lien Linkedin
Founder & Executive Chairman

STRAMMER since 2008
With more than 20 years’ experience in the Life Sciences, David created STRAMMER to provide a global solution in Talent Acquisition and Coaching/Mentoring dedicated to the Life Sciences industry. He is now a Board Member of Invivox and a network Partner at EIT Health. Paris

Philippe Laroche

Philippe Laroche  Lien Linkedin

STRAMMER since 2016
With over 25 years of experience in the Medical Field working for reputable multinational companies and after climbing the ladder with different positions – from Sales & Marketing representative up to EMEA Vice President S&M, he succeeded in acquiring a thorough knowledge of the Medical market structure, the decision makers, and the different influential networks. Paris

EMEA Executive Recruiting

Sylvia Malisic

Sylvia Malisic  Lien Linkedin
Client Partner Life Sciences Start-up – EMEA

STRAMMER since 2014
Executive Search Expert with more than 18 years’ experience in the Life Sciences field. Prior to joining STRAMMER in 2014 as International Director of Life Sciences, Sylvia worked as a Senior Consultant at HTI for over 12 years. Currently, she is providing deep expertise, filling C-suite executive roles. Paris

Jean-Pierre Haber

Jean-Pierre Haber  Lien Linkedin
Client Partner Pharma

STRAMMER since 2021
8 years’ experience in Executive Search & Management Consulting and +25 years’ in Pharma with strategic projects and Marketing/Sales Excellence Top Management positions. Jean-Pierre has a deep knowledge of Pharma/Biotech organisations and Sales/Marketing/Medical functions. Paris


Kahina Senhadj

Kahina Senhadj  Lien Linkedin
Managing Director France, UK, Italy & Nordics

STRAMMER since 2010
Joined the company as an International Researcher and rapidly worked her way up to a fully-functional consultant position in the healthcare industry with a consistent growth for the last 8 years. Kahina was in charge of the Benelux region before becoming Country Manager France. Paris


Teresa Toro Estrada  Lien Linkedin
Managing Director Iberia & Middle East

STRAMMER since 2016
Teresa became an Executive Search Consultant specialising in Life Sciences after 20 years’ experience as a generalist Head Hunter in several companies (Gil Casares Executive Search; Insearch, Alliance Search & STRAMMER). She graduated from Sevilla University as Lawyer and she holds a master’s degree in HR and a Leadership Superior Programme. Madrid

Alex Duchemin

Alex Duchemin  Lien Linkedin
Managing Director Benelux, DACH & Eastern Europe

STRAMMER since 2013
Alex joined STRAMMER in 2013 with a French-Spanish background and a Business education. He had the opportunity to work within many STRAMMER affiliates (Belgium, France and Spain). Alex participated in the development of the Southern Europe business from scratch. Brussels

France, UK, Italy & Nordics

Claire Chevalier

Claire Chevalier  Lien Linkedin
Client Partner Medical Device – France

STRAMMER since 2008
14 years’ experience in health recruitment, consulting with expertise in Medtech. Claire participated in the creation of STRAMMER in 2008 with David Mercier. As Client Partner Medical Device for France, she is managing a team of 3 consultants and 5 researchers. Paris

Claire Bisiaux

Claire Bisiaux  Lien Linkedin
Client Partner Life Sciences

STRAMMER since 2019
Lawyer by training, Claire has 10 years’ experience in International Talent Mobility & Recruitment. Her multicultural background and international experiences have led her to specialise in EMEA Client development. She first approached Life Sciences in her former engagement on several Public Health projects with International Organisations and converted her passion for innovation into International Talent and Business Development. Paris

Erica Barba   Lien Linkedin
International Life Sciences Consultant

STRAMMER since 2019
Joined us  as an International Researcher and worked her way up to International Life Sciences Consultant for France & Italy. Her goal is to reinforce our presence and develop the Italian Market. Erica graduated in Languages for communication in International enterprises and organisations. She speaks Italian, English, Spanish and French. Paris

Yves Roguez

Yves Roguez   Lien Linkedin
International Life Sciences Consultant

STRAMMER since 2020
+20 years’ experience in Life Sciences including 12 years as a manager in companies such as Medtronic, Ipsen and Nestlé. Management of sales teams in the medical device industry as well as molecular sector. Sales & Negotiation expert in hospital environments. Expertise in Marketing and Medical Management. Specialisation in Gastroenterology, Cardiology and Oncology. Paris

Aurore Berdah

Aurore Berdah email3 Lien Linkedin
Strategic Client Partner

STRAMMER since 2016
Certified SOSIE, D5D, Wave, Central Test LJI (Leadership Judgement Indicator).
7 years’ experience in the Health environment. Evolved in Recruitment and Talent Management positions. She is an expert in the evaluation and skills development among Talents. Aurore is STRAMMER’s reference for Assessment Centres, Development Centres & Outplacement. Paris

Philippe Champaud

Philippe Champaud  Lien Linkedin
Strategic Client Partner

STRAMMER since 2020
Over 30 years’ experience in Medical Devices including Boston Scientific and Stryker, in Strategic and Operational Marketing, BU and R&D positions, (EMEA and International Director). Specialized in market development and professional coaching, for individuals and executive teams, Philippe has extensive experience of leading multi-functional and multi-cultural teams.​ Paris

Céline Genty

Céline Genty  Lien Linkedin
Strategic Client Partner

STRAMMER since 2020
Executive Coach / Mentor. IFOD, Wave, Process Com. 30 years’ experience in Life Sciences from start-ups to large multi-nationals including 20 years in management positions such as Managing Director in Medical Devices & Pharma and an EMEA strategic role for J&J/ Janssen. Céline has a strong knowledge in digital organisations set-up. She is also an expert in Business Model Transformation & Change Management. Paris

Jean-Philippe Charron

Jean-Philippe Charron Lien Linkedin
Strategic Client Partner

STRAMMER since 2021
Executive certified Coach with 25 years’ experience in sales, management and HR including 18 years in Life Sciences and 7 as a personal coach for French medias, SME’s, VLE’s and CAC40. Process Com trainer.
Transition Manager since 2010 with expertise in: change management, strategic action plans, individual mentoring, sales teams skills reinforcement, HR missions (recruitments, compensation policies, skills assessments…), digital animation of remote teams. Paris

Sarah-Line Attlan

Sarah-Line Attlan Lien Linkedin
Strategic Client Partner

STRAMMER since 2021
As a digital transformation consultant, Sarah-Line assists individuals and companies with their digital issues. Through her personal entrepreneurial experiences, she has developed an expertise in digital by implementing her own acquisition strategies. ​Paris

Gilles Launay

Gilles Launay Lien Linkedin
Strategic Client Partner

STRAMMER since 2020
25 years in the Life Sciences industry with an expertise in Sales & Marketing. Certified Mentor and Trainer specialising in professional assessments, sales techniques (digital, key account approach and negotiation) as well as coaching managers in their performance and leadership. J&J – Teleflex – Boston Scientific. Paris

Benelux, DACH & Eastern Europe

Karolina Sikora

Karolina Sikora Lien Linkedin
Client Partner

STRAMMER since 2019
Joined STRAMMER in 2018 as an International Researcher with clinical psychology education. She worked with the Top and Middle Management teams, supporting international recruitment projects in different sectors with focus on the Medical Devices industry. In 2019 she started working as Consultant Life Sciences and worked her way up to Client Partner. Brussels

Mercedes Barreras

Mercedes Bareras Lien Linkedin
International Life Sciences Consultant

STRAMMER since 2020
Started her career in Argentina as a Recruitment Consultant specialised in Healthcare and then as Research Associate for Top Management at Korn Ferry. Developed her Talent Acquisition and IT skills while working at Cognizant. Mercedes also helped with Employer Branding and Diversity & Inclusion strategies for the company. Brussels

Iberia & Middle East

Barbara Gambus

Bárbara Gambús Gubern  Lien Linkedin
Client Partner

STRAMMER since 2015
Barbara has been working at STRAMMER since 2015, started as executive researcher and worked her way up to middle management consultant in Science & Innovation for the Southern Europe region and the Client Partner. She is specialised in the Life Sciences field. Barcelona

Marta Feria

Marta Feria  Lien Linkedin
International Life Sciences Consultant

STRAMMER since 2019
2 years’ experience in Talent Acquisition and Talent management in different sectors. She started working at STRAMMER in 2019 as Middle Management Consultant, Science & Innovation for the Iberian region. Madrid

 Natalia Cosío del Río

Natalia Cosío del Río  Lien Linkedin
International Life Sciences Consultant

STRAMMER since 2020
Background in Law and International Relations. She began in STRAMMER as International Researcher based in Barcelona and worked her way up to International Consultant based in Madrid. She is involved in Talent Acquisition projects as well as Talent Management trainings related to IT Tools. Prior to that, she has worked in corporate law. Madrid

Rosa Urtubi

Rosa Urtubi  Lien Linkedin
Strategic Client Partner

STRAMMER since 2017
Certified I.C.F. , Wave, Process Com & TA. Six Sigma & Change Execution Management. ITC Strategic Planning. Neuroleadership i4 Assessment (i4Brain institute); PDD (Programa de desarrollo directivo IESE Business School). 32 years’ experience in Life Sciences including 10 years at MSD in management positions and 3 years as CEO at LET. Spain