SAP Cloud System Integration(In brief referred as cloud integration) is usually a cloud-primarily based integration System hosted on SAP Cloud Platform for integrating cloud applications with other cloud and on-premise answers. The answer supports the two method and data integration requirements. Considering that cloud integration is obtainable as being a provider, the on demand from customers Alternative gives best degree of security features. HCI is created using open resource systems and supplies a style time (eclipse) and operate time atmosphere. HCI runtime hosted on SAP HANA cloud allows processing, transformation and routing of messages. As of now operate time supports connectivity by using massive no of adapters like SFTP, IDOC, SOAP, HTTP, Successfactors and OData.

What you’ll learn in the Anubhav Trainings :-

You are going to find out the overview of SAP Cloud System Integration (CPI)

Comprehend differing kinds of SAP Cloud Solutions

Types of Adapters in SAP CPI

Difference Between SAP CPI vs SAP PO

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