This privacy policy outlines how STRAMMER collects, processes and uses the data derived from online platforms and their services.

STRAMMER’S privacy policy further covers the collection of personal data in relation to our recruitment services, consulting and coaching. This policy also covers the information we collect via:

  • The usage of our website
  • Collected information on our social media platforms
  • HTML-formatted email messages
  • Collection of data via personal contact (phone call, meeting and other non – electronic forms of communications)

At STRAMMER, the security and protection of your personal data is of high importance. Therefore, we comply with all applicable data protection laws to ensure lawfully collecting, processing, using and transferring (collected) personal data.


Information STRAMMER collects

Personal information is collected by STRAMMER. Such information is identified or can be linked to an individual. STRAMMER collects personal data to ensure the ability and quality of their services and business operations. The reasoning and the basis as to why personal data is collected defers with each case.

The personal data collected may include:

  • Name, e-mail address, phone number and preferred form of communication.
  • When making use of our online presence we may obtain the necessary data to operate our websites and grant you full accessibility. To learn more about our policy regarding the use of our websites, please refer to our Cookie Policy.
  • Recruitment- In correspondence with our recruitment service, we collect the following data from our candidates: name, country, city, email address(es), phone number(s), curriculum vitae, credentials, work history, diplomas, referrals and additional information provided to us.
  • In order to consult your application/interest and our clients, we may collect current and previous benefits and compensation.
  • In some cases, we may collect sensitive data. For example, such data may involve your allergies and dietary requirements in the case of a meeting where refreshments are prepared for you.
  • In relation with our clients or prospects, we may collect business contact information (such as name, contact details, job title, delivery of services, support, invoicing and service/relationship management)
  • When requesting information, support or contacting STRAMMER regarding one of our services, we will request the relevant data in accordance to the services that is to be provided. We will collect all the needed information necessary to fulfil your request. (Name, job title and contact details will be collected).
  • Marketing- When subscribing to our marketing communications, we collect personal data directly obtained from the data subject. It is optionable to receive information and to sign up for marketing communications. You can always unsubscribe (opt-out) by emailing to gdpr@localhost.

How is the information obtained?

STRAMMER collects personal data through different means. Personal data is either directly collected from the data subject or via a third party.

Most data collected will be directly provided to STRAMMER by you and this happens when you:

  • Submit your CV to STRAMMER. This can be done via our website, submitting a CV towards one of our employees, applying directly towards STRAMMER’s job posts/opportunities or directly in person with one of the team’s employees.
  • Communicate with STRAMMER in either an offline (meetings, phone calls and/or face to face conversations) or online interaction (by means of emails or another form).
  • Use or view our website

Collected data from third parties:

  • When third parties submitting personal data to STRAMMER on behalf of a data subject, they are doing so with their permission and authority and as a result, STRAMMER would be able to use and process the personal data aligned with the privacy policy.
  • Aligned with our recruitment services, we obtain data in several ways. We make use of certified databases, referrals, social media platforms and events.
  • Information uploaded and provided to one of our third parties by a data subject will be subjected to the third parties’ privacy policies.

How is personal data processed/used?

STRAMMER holds a legal obligation and agreement to process collected personal data with legitimate interest to deliver services to you and our clients. They are listed as follows:

  • Regarding our recruitment service:

We create a candidate profile that delivers the recruitment service to our clients. Moreover, this is to identify potential next steps and opportunities for our candidates connected with the STRAMMER services. Therefore, by giving consent, as a candidate, you may be informed of potential job opportunities.

Verify data- STRAMMER regularly checks the accuracy of their data. Therefore, one of the STRAMMER’s employees may reach out to you to verify and request updated data via a curriculum vitae.

Confirm referrals- we use your professional information to confirm referrals that were mentioned.

By consenting, STRAMMER may process a candidate’s personal data for their GDPR compliant clients as well as present progress on assignments.

  • By delivering our talent management service:

A record of the data subject will be created on our database, this is used to contact and track the progress during the session between STRAMMER and the data subject.

When accessing our website and/or online service, we will record information to make our website operational, to analyse website performance and to customize your user experience. To learn more about the way STRAMMER collects, cookie types and ways of processing please refer to the Cookie Policy (Link towards our cookie policy).

When requesting information or support, STRAMMER processes your personal data in order to provide you with the necessary service regarding your enquiry.

STRAMMER collects and uses data in accordance to the applicable legal and regulatory requirements, and if needed will present the said data if instructed by legal authorities.

Sharing personal data

STRAMMER is active across national and European borders. Henceforth, we implement procedures and policies to protect personal information.

STRAMMER only shares data with GDPR compliant clients and subsidiaries. This is done in order to communicate progress over assignments, by which we are contracted to do. It is only done in accordance to the data protection law and under your specific consent or legitimate interest. In order to guarantee the security of your personal data, STRAMMER implementes policies to ensure the protection of personal data.

Legal bases of use and processing personal data

STRAMMER uses and collects data on the following legal ground rules:

  • Legitimate interest for performance and operational purposes;
  • Performance purposes of STRAMMER’s website;
  • Lawful obligations of the website;
  • Regulatory obligations that STRAMMER is subjected to provide, that is, information towards public agencies and bodies.

The personal data that is processed by STRAMMER follows these legal ground rules:

  • Data consent is given towards STRAMMER. It must be explicitly given for processing purposes. Moreover, if a data subject does not consent for a certain type of marketing communication then it will not be conveyed to them. Therefore, STRAMMER only processes and uses data when the consent is given;
  • Processing the data is necessary on legal terms;
  • It is public data.

Security of Personal data

STRAMMER secures your data. To achieve this, we took the action to implement several administrative and technical safeguards, both in an organizational and management level. Our professional staff monitor such procedures. STRAMMER prevents the unauthorized use and access to personal data. It also restricts personal data to those unauthorized to access it.

In the case where you doubt the security of your personal data and/or you feel that your secured data has been breached, please contact and notify us immediately at gdpr@localhost.

STRAMMER only stores personal data within the borders of the European Economic Area. This means that the personal data, held by STRAMMER, is fully protected under the GDPR and other applicable personal data protection laws.

Retention period

STRAMMER will not retain or hold collected personal data longer then strictly necessary to fulfil their services and purposes.

STRAMMER holds personal data:

  • As long as necessary for the relevant purpose;
  • No longer then required by law;
  • To the end of a given period which is upon legal obligation.

Your rights

STRAMMER wants you to be aware of your rights under the data protection law. Under this law, you will have the following rights:

  • The right to access your personal data and obtain confirmation that we are processing your personal information. At this point, you are obliged to request a copy of your personal information.
  • The right to rectify and ask for updates on the personal information we may hold about you, if deemed incorrect or incomplete.
  • The right to request deleting or erasing your personal information. Upon request, your personal information can be restricted in terms of company usage.
  • The right to object or prevent your personal information from being processed.

To exercise any of your rights, or if you have any other questions about our use of your personal information, please contact us via email: gdpr@localhost and specify your enquiry.

Right to complain

If you have any doubts, complaints or in the believe that we committed a data breach you have the right to complain.

  • Contact our data protection officer by sending an email to gdpr@localhost.
  • The EU Data Protection Authority in your area. If you would like to be directed to the right DPA, please send us an email to gdpr@localhost.

Changes to the privacy policy

The privacy policy is under regular review. This is done in order to stay compliant with the changes in data protection law or if our business processes change and may affect the current privacy policy.

The changes made will be directly published on STRAMMER’s website. You will be able to see the changes by reviewing the ‘last revised’ date on the top of this policy.

QUESTIONS? Contact us

STRAMMER is responsible for the collection, usage, and processing of your personal information aligned with the privacy policy.

Questions regarding to this policy should be directed to STRAMMER at gdpr@localhost

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