With the nighttime spectaculars as the centerpieces of Disneyland’s 60th anniversary celebration, the company this week reported the park had its best quarter of attendance and profit ever. It also has fans flocking here.

« My wife and I don’t have any children, and I do feel like rollersoccer is my child, » he said. « It’s amazing to see people grow up and change, because I remember these guys who play today since they were little. »

To begin with, the whole visual and artistic design of the Star Wars universe completely clashes with the Jules Verne/steampunk architecture of the ride. If anything, the (formerly) all-white and modernist Space Mountain in California is a better match.  Outside of some scenes on the city-covered planet of Coruscant (even that’s a maybe), there’s nothing in Star Wars that resembles the giant cannon on the mountain’s exterior that rockets you on your way.

And its cast of characters, the free-thinking vandals who are just dying to choose the red pill, tend to be as irritating as their IKEA-grade clothing. At its worst, Catalyst is sometimes too shallow and predictable in its message about surveillance and information-overload. No wonder Faith works alone. You’ve been here so many times before though, in Airstrip One and City 17 and Columbia and Dunwall, and con lan son frankly I’m not sure how many more fascist metropolises of totalitarian superpowers I can stomach.

They’re made from aluminum with rounded-off corners. Color LEDs bring the excitement. A set of four tiny screws holds one of the die faces in place and gives access to the battery inside. The Luma Kickstarter project aims to fund the production of these nifty-looking dice. A motion-detection system activates the lights.

Unlike in the American parks, It’s A Small World has a whole section devoted to the US, complete with the Golden Gate Bridge, a Midwest farmhouse and the Statue of Liberty. Oddly, the song doesn’t get quite as stuck in your head when it’s in French.

At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if a craggy baba yaga emerges to warn me to turn back. Instead, I keep going until I see the sun-bleached 130-foot-tall Ferris wheel in the distance and know I’m in the right place.

Danger to life and limb! » The rundown structures sit behind a newer, well-maintained green metal fence, with signs posted along it reading « Betreten verboten! » and then below in English,  « Do Not Enter! Andrew Hoyle/CNET The forest opens to reveal decrepit picnic pavilions and graffiti-pocked buildings with broken windows.

I’ve arrived at the entrance of Spreepark, an abandoned amusement park tucked between the Plänterwald forest and Spree river on the outer reaches of Berlin. The site, located next to a sleepy suburban neighborhood dotted with weeping willows, stands in contrast to the bright, cosmopolitan downtown nearby.

« We have different activities to engage different people, even those on wheelchair, we push the wheelchair and play with them, » he said. (Reporting by Alexandra Regida; editing by Foo Yun Chee) The game is open even to those with physical disabilities, said rollersoccer player Mathias Bonal.

It all just felt shoehorned in, like Jar Jar Binks serving as a Galactic Senator. (Disneyland Anaheim added a similar overlay to its Space Mountain in 2015, which I did not ride, but it undid the makeover this month as the park builds its new Star Wars-themed Land.)

I knew we would need a group activity, a dungeon, a gaming session and whiskeys of the world (this was a bachelor party after all). I looked online for inspiration, expecting a Pinterest bonanza of D&D party photos featuring dragon cupcakes and knightly decor, but to little avail. Like a lone fighter on a quest, I set out to design a party from scratch.

The floats in « Paint the Night » are also all synced with their own music and tracked by GPS to ensure textbook precision in every performance every night. « We use high-reliability industrial controls, things that they use to control robots on assembly lines, » Davis said. They ought to be OK for two hours a day getting a float down a parade. » « Those things work 24 hours a day, seven days a week churning out automobiles.

The Space Roller dice, a successfully funded Kickstarter, feature glow-in-the-dark paint on their circuit board-like lines and dots. These aren’t the first glowing dice we’ve seen. The Luma dice are different thanks to their metal construction with glowing dots. Boogie Dice, another popular crowdfunding project, are light-up self-rolling dice that respond to noise.

Nutty inventor Colin Furze unveiled a high-voltage ejector bed earlier this year designed to fling snoozing people out into the morning. Many have Star Wars themes, like this Millennium Falcon bed for kids and a massive AT-AT bed made for a young Jedi. There’s a small universe of weird beds in existence out there.

You can add some flair to your gaming experience with a set of six-sided Luma Dice, metal dice with LED-lit dots that shine in different colors for each face. Min Mendis Regular plastic dice get the job done when it comes time to roll for hit points or test your paladin’s strength against a rust monster, but they’re just not very interesting to look at.