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3D Colour X-Ray

3D Colour X-Ray

3D Colour X-Ray

Scientists from a New Zealand company have performed the first full 3D colour x-ray on a human. Europe’s CERN physics lab used their Medipix3 technology to produce clearer and more accurate images. The use of this technique promises to advance the field of medical diagnostics.

The difference between the bone, cartilage and muscle are clearly shown in the images of the updated x-ray machine called the MARS Spectral X-ray Scanner. It can also size and position cancerous tumours. This is because the machine uses a highly sensitive chip that acts like a sensor in a digital camera but much more advanced.

In a statement CERN says, « This colour X-ray imaging technique could produce clearer and more accurate pictures and help doctors give their patients more accurate diagnosis« .

In the coming months the scanner will be used in Rheumatology and orthopaedic patients in world first clinical trials.