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Adaptability Skills and Their Importance

Adaptability Skills and Their Importance

Adaptability Skills

Globalisation, digitalisation, automatization, the internet and many other things have changed our reality. In an evolving and constant changing world, the key is to not stop. More than before, we are now forced to improve ourselves, strengthen our skills/abilities and stand out from others, especially at work. Thus, adaptability skills are crucial in today’s workforce.

Adaptability is a soft skill that shows our capacity to adapt and fit in different work environments and conditions, dealing with a diverse workforce. But what does it mean to be adaptable?

First, adaptability is strongly linked to flexibility. Being open and correct to deal with sudden changes while remaining positive, confident and calm is a real necessity today.

In addition, employees with adaptability skills know how to deal/overcome failures and understand that this is part of the learning process. As a result, they are persistent. This is important to keep one motivated, but also to motivate the workforce.

Furthermore, employees must be motivated and look for opportunities to learn/try new things. This can mean studying a new language, new skills, and discovering more about a different subject. Even if it is something outside your comfort zone, try to do it. Also, observing and learning how others face situations and getting advice/feedback on how you do it can be vital, as it can help you overcome your own issues/difficulties and improve the way you deal with them.

Adaptable employees have the positive benefit of easily adapting to a new position/role, quickly learning to perform a new task. Obviously, this can help workers enhance their careers, succeed and even get promoted.

Your resume/CV/motivation letter should show adaptability skills, considering their value in the workplace. In addition, these skills must also be demonstrated in job interviews. Very often during these interviews, some questions are asked to see if you have them and to what extent. Dr. Jason Wingard, who does research on leadership and the future of work, stated that adaptability was one of the most essential skills of 2020.

Therefore, adopt these habits, train your mindset to be more adaptable, and you will certainly not only improve your personal but also your professional life. This will open many doors, enhance your creativity, make you more open-minded and improve your learning skills.

Charles Darwin once said:

“It is not the strongest of species that survive; nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the most adaptable to change.”


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