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Céline Genty Joins STRAMMER

Céline Genty Joins STRAMMER

Céline Genty joins STRAMMER France

STRAMMER is proud to welcome Céline Genty Email3 e1478535332407 Lien Linkedin as one of our Strategic Client Partners. Céline was convinced to join our team after using our services to recruit and build new teams in her previous positions. She was prompted by our specialisation in the Life Sciences industry and our team’s knowledge in the broadest sense which makes sense today given the current context.

Céline has more than 30 years’ experience within the Life Sciences industry from start-ups to large multinationals. She has the particularity to have worked in 3 different sectors OTC, Medical Device and Pharma with a specialty in Business Model Transformation & Customers Relationships Management. She held different positions in Sales and Marketing as well as 20 years in Management up to Managing Director of Medical Device and Pharma companies. She is also experienced in creating digital teams and culture in France and Europe.

Céline has recently re-oriented her career towards Executive Coaching. As an expert in Change Management, she is the ideal person to support Executive teams in facing the many post Covid-19 challenges such as Organisational Thinking, Emotional Intelligence or Priority Management. As far as employees are concerned, she will help them in facing issues related to the search for meaning, work-life balance and stress management.

When it comes to success, she believes you can never succeed alone. She says: “I believe in collective success. We succeed because of our teams but also our family. Especially in managerial positions, which are very demanding jobs.”

Céline also believes in the importance of building diverse teams to get the best possible outcome and as such, is enjoying supporting women on all questions regarding Female Leadership.

Please join us in congratulating Céline and wishing her the best.