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Credibility: How to Build It Successfully?

Credibility: How to Build It Successfully?

How to establish credibility with little experience

When we start working or have little experience, it may seem like an impossible mission to show that we are fit for the job or that we deserve an opportunity. However, credibility can make a difference and set us up for success. That is why we need to establish ours and find effective strategies to do so.

One effective way is to master trends and knowledge about the industry we are interested in. We can do this by searching online, reading magazines, talking to colleagues/coworkers. We must also develop abilities that can help us in the workplace, such as languages, communication skills, public speaking, soft skills in general, etc.

Another strategy for building credibility is to develop our network. This helps us meet many people who can give us career advice, information about sectors/markets. The size of our network depends on how much we work on it, and when we have little or no experience it is extremely small. That is why it is crucial to develop our network, it is the moment we need it the most. Therefore, we must invite co-workers and ex-colleagues to lunch/breaks and participate in networking events. We may think that given our lack of experience, we have nothing to offer, but everyone can help others with something: advice, knowledge, etc.

Even if one has little experience and finds work, it is essential not to stop working on their creditability. For this, it is important to show that they are available to help colleagues and bosses. But they need to know their strengths and weaknesses to understand if they can indeed contribute positively to the situation.

Also, we must recognise our limits and how to properly manage the workload. Even if we want to help our colleagues, it is crucial not to accept too much. However, if we are having trouble managing everything, we need to ask for help from our supervisors/managers/colleagues. So, it is vital to communicate effectively, listen actively and not miss deadlines. This will increase the workforce’s confidence and respect in us, which will strengthen our credibility and reliability.

Workers and candidates trying to build their credibility should be aware of their verbal/non-verbal communication. For instance, eye contact, a strong handshake, the way of speaking (including language, grammar, communicating clearly and with a proper tone) can really help. In addition, workers’ clothes can make a difference. Therefore, they should be concerned about how they dress for interviews/in the workplace.

But most of all, what can help build our credibility are our results and achievements. Thus, being dedicated, competent, and doing our best can indeed pay off. We need to remember that everyone starts from nothing, without experience, and what we do from there is what matters.


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