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Diversity In The Workplace During Coronavirus

Diversity In The Workplace During Coronavirus

Benefits of Improving Diversity And Inclusion During COVID-19

The Coronavirus epidemic has forced us to change our ways completely for the last few weeks and will continue to do so for the near future. Professional life, as known has been transformed to fit the governmental protocols of “Social-Distancing”. This has ushered several modifications and ramifications. Companies are trying to come up with methods to recover from the crisis, such as employee assistance plans, contingency plans, etc. However, the best way to ensure that companies are respecting their morals and gaining profitability at the same time is by improving diversity in the workplace during Coronavirus

According to The Mckinsey report of 2017, organisations in the top spots for diversity were experiencing drastically higher profitability than the lowest. Therefore, to recuperate from the economic setback, nurturing diversity and inclusion is a reliable and noble act. 

 The first step to drafting a diverse project or solution is to have diverse team leaders. Inclusive initiatives and practices will be priceless to both the business and its employees as they are skilled at utilizing a variety of perspectives – which implies they can distinguish risks more rapidly, they are more flexible with responses, and come up with innovative ideas that is extremely necessary during crisis times.  

 Additionally, fostering the sentiment of belongingness is an imperative to ensure employees are effectively coping with the challenges of remote work with motivation.“Allyship » is a new phenomenon introduced in businesses, where an employee from a marginalized community is publicly sponsored, for example through recommendations or invitations to important work meetings. This gives visibility and acclaim to the minorities and ensures that their ideas and opinions are in the forefront. This can be done through social network as well, by using Employee Resource Groups which gives minorities a chance to network, share and empathize with one another especially during times of distress like the Coronavirus epidemic. It is sure that this action will do wonders for the employee community and the client base.  

Remote working has proved that unconventional modes of work are efficient, and many businesses will weigh in the above mentioned advantages of attaining a diverse workforce. Thankfully, it is now easier than ever to target a desired demographic by using Facebook, or LinkedIn features. The profiles are already rich with personal information – which is one of the reasons Candidates need to be careful on what they share on Social Media– such as their universities, previous employments, location etc. Hiring representatives can profit from this information to build diverse teams and create inclusive practices. 

Lastly, if improving diversity in the workplace during Coronavirus is priority for the company and HRs or managers do not have the necessary qualifications to proceed with such an important initiative, executive buy-ins could be the answer. This ensures that the project is left with adept professionals who will execute the ideals and priorities efficiently.  

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