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Home Healthcare: Why The Industry Is Increasing

Home Healthcare: Why The Industry Is Increasing

Reasons for the increasing demand of home healthcare 

Today it seems like you can get all your medical needs in the comfort of your own home. The healthcare industry itself experiences a real ‘boom’ right now. The aims are to keep the society healthy, involve them in their healthcare as much as possible and create longer lives.

The healthcare industry is experiencing something called ‘value-based healthcare’, which means improved patient outcomes while controlling costs. For this reason, home healthcare is a very popular treatment modality, especially in our aging population, where most of the seniors favour to benefit from this.

Of course, everybody feels more secure at home. To express the efficiency of home healthcare, a non-profit research firm, called RAND Corporation, did a research on knee replacement patients, who were discharged from a hospital to their own home for rehabilitation. The result was, that 35% of patients that received their treatment at home were less likely to be institutionalised. In addition to that, home health care can also help by increasing mental health of patients.

Due to the fact, that people reach an older age than they used to, the amount of the elderly population increases. In 2030, we are expecting the population aged 65 and older to account for 19 percent. Furthermore, the Bureau of Labor Statistics says that approximately 1.3 million additional jobs within the homecare field will be added through 2020. In fact, they report that those working in home health positions will see a 69% growth through 2020.

Home healthcare services will be drastically increasing, which is no surprise.  No matter how old we get, everyone reaches an age where they are dependent on help, such as home care. With so many people in need, the industry will respond by growing to accommodate the demand.

Another aspect why home healthcare is growing so fast is affordability. Compared to assisted living facilities, home healthcare is much more affordable to provide people the assistance they need. At first home healthcare might sound exclusive and high-priced. Truth is, that it can be a good solution for those, who can’t afford expensive nursing homes. There is also the need to let people age in place. Helping the elderly to stay in their own home makes them feel independent and happy.

To finish with, home healthcare can be very convenient. Not just for the patients, but also for the family. Instead of taking the elderly to appointments, the home care industry can bring many of those to the person who is sick. All in all, we can see that there is a great chance for the home care business to increase and that society will be more likely to choose home healthcare.


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