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Magnetic System For Scoliosis Treatment

Magnetic System For Scoliosis Treatment

Magnets Are Changing The Way Doctors Treat Scoliosis

Approximately 2 to 3 percent of world’s population suffer from scoliosis. Thanks to nowadays’ continuous innovation, treating this spinal condition is getting easier.

NuVasive, Inc. has discovered uses Magnetic Expansion Control to transform spine surgery. The system uses magnetic rods that allows nonsurgical adjustments. Before this, surgical adjustments have been requited every 6 months.

The “MAGEC rods” are implanted and a physician is taking care of adjusting the length at follow-up visits with the help of an external magnet. So far, over 750 children in 24 countries have been treated with this system. MAGEC is only intended to treat skeletally immature patients, less than 10 years of age, with spinal abnormalities.