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The Mazor X

The Mazor X

Robot Assists in Spinal Surgery 

If you’ve struggled with back pain in the past, you may be wondering if spinal surgery may be the only treatment for you. However, there is good news, the Mazor X can now make spinal surgery quicker and safer for patients.

Mazor Robotics a leader in the field of surgical guidance systems entered a partnership with Medtronic.

The Mazor X robotic guidance assists surgeons in performing spinal surgery on patients. First the robot performs a scan of the patient before beginning the surgery. It then converts the x-ray into a 3D model so that the surgeon can clearly see where it will be operatingMajor X uses powerful algorithms to plan the surgery on its own. The surgeons then take control and perform the surgery, however Mazor X is still acting as positioning device during the whole surgery. The robot’s introscopic camera is used as visual aid for the surgeons to make sure the surgery goes smoothly and rapidly.

Additionally, Mazor Robotics Renaissance® System can also be used for a variety of brain procedures. The system provides accurate access to the areas of the brain.

Watch the video to see how Mazor X helps in performing spinal surgery.