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Nima Food Sensor

Nima Food Sensor

Food Allergy Sensor

Founder and CEO of Nima Labs, Shirleen Yates has developed the Nima Food Sensor, the world’s first portable, connected food sensor.

The Bluetooth-enabled sensor can detect peanut protein in food for people with severe peanut allergies. This is the second food sensor from Nima. They also have a food sensor for gluten.

It works by adding a pea-sized amount of food into a single-use test capsule, then put into the detector. If there is peanut protein or traces of gluten in the food sample, a test strip on the capsule will react in just a few minutes.

During independent lab testing the sensitivity of the sensor showed 100% and 99.2% accuracy when testing for peanuts.

It can detect 10 ppm of peanut and above and 20 ppm of gluten and above. Based on the European Commission, 20 ppm is considered the standard for gluten-free. And during clinical research studies in patients, 10 ppm was found to be the lowest for adverse reaction level for peanuts.

Although the device gives rapid and accurate results, Yates expresses that the sensor is not supposed to replace regular safety measures. It aims to provide additional data about food, but with assistance to normal precautions: talking to waiting staff, carrying allergy medicine and reading labelling.

This sensor offers people a cheaper, faster and more compact alternative to at home test kits.