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Rani Therapeutics

Rani Therapeutics to Replace Needles

Rani therapeutics is setting out to replace needles with its tiny “robotic pill” allowing biological drugs to be administered orally. They claim that the device can work for most drugs and can deliver doses straight into the small intestinal wall (without exposing the drugs to digestive enzymes) proceeding through the stomach and intestine.

Before the drug reaches the intestine, it is protected by the pill which dissolves once the drug has been delivered.

Injections are the most effective form of drug administration for certain treatment which include chronic illnesses such as; psoriasis, arthritis, diabetes and others, however it can be a pain for some people. This pill will offer patients a painless approach that would increase patient convenience and compliancy and therefore efficiency of the medicines.

Many companies and research centres have already started working on both diagnostic and biological therapeutic applications of pill-based technologies.

The device is still in its preclinical stage, but Rani plans to apply its technology to convert injectable drugs, like insulin, into oral pills.

Former Allergan chairman & CEO David Pyott comments, “With this latest funding from key global investors, and the appointment of senior manufacturing executives, Rani couldn’t be better positioned to advance a long-awaited solution for hundreds of millions of chronic disease sufferers.”

If the pill proves to be successful in human trials this pill will allow millions of patients to have comfort and convenience.