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Recruitment In A Post Coronavirus World

Recruitment In A Post Coronavirus World

Launching A Successful Recruitment Plan After COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak is rapidly transforming how companies hire, employ and retain staff. Human Resources personnel are presented with seemingly extraneous factors that could pose a real challenge when it comes to recruiting after the Coronavirus epidemic. Therefore, we must be aware of the future possibilities and be prepared as much as possible for the new normal of recruitment in a post Coronavirus World.  

As interviews have commonly occurred face-to-face, hiring leaders have now been forced to embrace alternative methods, like virtual, and interactive recruiting. However, these methods have proved to be successful, and cost-effective in comparison to conventional interviewing schemes. A recent survey by Gartner revealed that over 74% of CFOs in companies will consider remote work for their teams indefinitely. As the recruiting programme turns digital, companies need to be more rigorous and efficient with their selection process. Factors such as non-verbal body-language, confidence, and other traits that can be observed in-person will require higher expertise to track during video-interviews.

Additionally, due to the uncertainties and added responsibilities posed by the crisis, resources are sensitive and must be prudently utilised. Human Resources must come up with a time and cost saving recruitment plan while maintaining the same or higher level of efficiency to get back into gear after Coronavirus. Worldwide recruitment scarcity was already at unprecedented heights before the pandemic, with 54% of businesses reporting that they could not discover qualified candidates based on the requirements. This will undoubtedly pose as a higher challenge after the crisis. Therefore, to receive the best results, an external talent management and recruitment company could be the best solution. It offers several advantages such as a fresh perspective, holistic market knowledge, a broader pool of candidates and an improved accuracy just to name a few. recruitment in a post Coronavirus world can be what makes or breaks a company’s crisis recovery; It is therefore integral for businesses to hire Talent Management companies that are experienced, invested and have solutions that are tailored to a company’s specific business needs.

STRAMMER is an international leading player in Executive Search, Human Capital Strategic Advice and Outplacement in Life Sciences. With the combined efforts of our expert Consultants, Strategic Client Partners (mentors & coaches), and unique services, clients can be assured that their post-crisis recruitment campaign will be in good hands.


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