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Recruitment Marketing: Transforming Strategy

Recruitment Marketing: Transforming Strategy

Recruitment Marketing: How is it transforming the way we hire?

With globalisation and online resources, job search got easier and wider. In a competitive environment, companies must stand out in every possible way they can. Therefore, making it crucial for them to implement new, revised and improved recruitment strategies to attract Talents.

Today, Recruitment Marketing is a typical approach companies adopt to be noticed on the job market. To understand better this concept, it is important to know what an Employer Brand is. It can be defined as the fundamental missions and cultural values of the business. The term “Employer brand” is therefore used to describe the way a company is seen from the outside by potential future employees and includes reputation and popularity. A strong Employer Brand is usually half of the work done when attracting Talents. Usually, companies try to maintain Employer Branding and hardly change it, since that would imply an alteration on the company’s culture and values. Contrarily, Recruitment Marketing can suffer constant changes since this concept is more related to the market and the industry itself.

During the recruitment process, it is common to say that candidates experience six distinct stages before they are hired: Awareness; Consideration; Interest; Application; Selection and Hire.

It is mostly on the first stages that Talents encounter Employer Branding According to statistics from LinkedIn, 72% of recruiters admit that Employer Branding influences the recruitment of candidates.

Recruitment Marketing is a mechanism that helps promote the company’s Employer Brand, to attract top Talents and make them apply for job offers.  It can be accomplished through various mechanisms, but basically, includes:

Creating a specific page with testimonials from your current employees, accurately describing their work experience with the company

Maintaining a dynamic presence on social media

Trying to maintain a relationship with potential candidates, for example, through sporadic e-mails or even chats

Using Search Engine Optimization since many people look for job offers using search engines

Promoting the company in events, just like job fairs or conferences

Working on the job descriptions to show off the company, and the position itself

Creating a Career Page with an easy application process

Recruitment Marketing demonstrated the importance of treating your employees or future ones like you treat your costumers. This strategy has been undoubtedly gaining more power, and it shows no signs of slowing down.


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