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STRAMMER officially moved to St. Honoré

STRAMMER officially moved to St. Honoré

STRAMMER’s new office at St. Honoré Paris

We are happy to announce that STRAMMER officially moved from 38 Avenue Hoche into the building at St. Honoré. STRAMMER has now 3 offices in the building, on the 2nd, 3rd and finally, one on the 6th floor. It was an exciting weekend for the company, but with all the helping hands and the effort of many, the office moving was linked to an outstanding process.

This process went well thanks to great team work and well prepared organisation. Having everyone in the same building is a great experience we are looking forward to. It gives us a chance to further strengthen our team and get face-to-face contact on a daily basis. For every company, it is important to share opinions, to share business cases and take decisions as a team.  Given that, relocating our business office into the same building creates a feeling of solidarity, even more than before.

We are happy about this change, and can’t wait for what’s next.