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Surgical Glue Seals Wounds in 60 Seconds

Surgical Glue Seals Wounds in 60 Seconds

Breakthrough: Surgical Glue Closes Wounds In 60 Seconds

Scientists developed an adhesive, elastic surgical glue that could help with emergency treatments by sealing up critical wounds in the skin and even in organs.

The surgical glue is made of methacryloyl-substituted tropoelastin, a hybrid elastic protein, that can be used for both, internal and external wounds in order to encourage healing processes.

With sealing up the wounds in 60 seconds, without stopping the natural expanding and relaxing of the organ, this glue could be a lifesaver for many patients. Wounds treated with this special glue can heal up in a 50% shorter period than ones that required stitches or staples.

The scientists behind the gel report that it’s simple to apply, can be easily stored, and works closely with natural tissue to heal a wound. What’s more, it degrades without leaving any kind of toxic leftovers in the body.

The glue has mostly been tested on animals so far, however, human trials are in the work and the results to date are incredibly promising.