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First U.S Baby Born After a Uterus Transplant

First U.S Baby Born After a Uterus Transplant

Texas, United States

For the first time in the United States, a woman who received a uterus transplant gave birth to a baby. The anonymous patient was born without a uterus and received a transplant about a year ago at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, Texas.

Uterus transplants are seen as hope for women who are born without one or had it removed because of cancer. The womb donors can be dead or alive and in order to be eligible to receive these wombs the patients must be 20-35 years old with healthy and normal ovaries (Sifferlin, 2017).

These transplants are meant to be temporary, the women can have one or two children and then needs to have it removed so she can stop the immune-suppressing drugs to prevent organ rejection (Grady, 2017).

Both Dr. Johannesson and Dr. Testa said that huge part of their motivation comes from knowing that these women are devastated from finding out that they will not be able to have children.

Even though the process is complicated and the pregnancies are at high-risk, these transplants bring more hope to women without a uterus !

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