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Valerie Hazard joins STRAMMER Paris

July 10th 2019, Paris, France

STRAMMER is pleased to have Valérie Hazard Email3 e1478535332407 Lien Linkedin join the team as Country Manager, France.

After 20 years’ experience in the Healthcare and Information Technology Industries as an HR Business Partner and HR Director, Valérie has acquired a solid career in the Life Sciences sector by reinforcing her partnership and advice roles in Talent Acquisition and Development.

With an HR background in a variety of innovative and entrepreneurial international companies, Valérie has realised the importance of talent development, diversity and inclusion as being the foundation to an organisation’s success.

Her dynamism, curiosity and adaptability has allowed her to remain agile. Likewise, her ability to efficiently identify and understand teams’ and clients’ needs are the skills that she is keen on practicing while at STRAMMER.

As the Life Sciences industry operates in a potent setting due to the presence of artificial intelligence, Valérie understands the need for companies to remain supple and adapt to their environment. Her competent HR skills permit her to exude a full commitment to STRAMMER’s Full Talent Solution® all the while mentoring, coaching and encouraging team spirit and enhancing business performance. Driven by passion, Valérie is convinced that such performance and success is all about people and team dynamics. One of her favourite mantras, “Stronger Together”, speaks strongly on this.

Valérie holds full confidence in STRAMMER’s services to serve clients’ needs as the company remains proactive in being compliant to the healthcare environment. With the opportunities present and with more on the horizon, she is convinced that this is the right path for her growth and professional development.