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World Heart Day 2019: Be a Heart Hero

World Heart Day 2019: Be a Heart Hero

World Heart Day

Be a ‘Heart Hero’ and join the celebrations of World Heart Day on the 29th September 2019. This will be a day for all of us to be aware of our body and how we can care for and look after our hearts.

There is an insurmountable number of different types of heart diseases presently. The most recognised one among them is Cardiovascular disease. Despite the simple measures that can be taken to prevent the disease, like exercise or healthy eating, over 17 million people globally die from it every year. That accounts for 31% of global deaths. A greater effort must be made to improve the quality of our lives and be a good example for generations to come. This is why special days like World Heart Day is paramount for such a transformation to occur.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) celebrates World Heart Day by supporting governments and policymakers around the world in order to strengthen the cause.

This year, World Heart Day is about all of us making a personal promise to ourselves to live longer, healthy lives. We must make:

A promise to our close ones and family to lead a healthier diet

A promise to our younger ones, that is, to lead by example through exercise and being more active

A promise as healthcare professionals to assist and motivate patients to stop bad habits like smoking

A promise as a policymaker to initiate new policies or support existing ones in hopes of continuously promoting healthy hearts.

A promise as an employer to care about the well-being of their employees in the workplace.

World Heart Day is a crucial day in our lives that can effectively change and save lives. It has become a global platform each year encouraging all of us; families, communities, supporters, medical specialists, patients, government and leaders to use this time to take action and bring about the awareness of our heart and the diseases and life-threatening problems associated with it.  It is a time to help everyone to live a heathier, longer life.


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