Susanne Specht joins STRAMMER!

March 15, 2018 Dr. Susanne Specht   , Business Partner, Talent management at STRAMMER STRAMMER is proud to announce its expansion of the Talent Management team throughout Germany with the arrival of Susanne Specht as Business Partner, Talent Management! Susanne has more than 25 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry and Biotech Companies. She held different roles in Marketing, Medical and Sales Management with growing [...]

Artificial Intelligence will revolutionize Healthcare

March 14, 2018  A.I. will revolutionize the Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Industry We use Artificial Intelligence throughout our daily lives without even realising it; while driving our cars, using Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa, and more! With today's technology we have access to a wide variety of services. For example instead of making an appointment by calling a [...]

Tiny robot works inside the human body

This Tiny Robot Works Inside the Human Body  This minimalist robot can walk, jump, crawl, roll, and swim! The robot prototype is small enough to move around in a stomach or urinary system. It is therefore used for improving medical use, for instance delivering drugs to a target in the human body. The robot [...]

5 Simple Recommendations to Create a Professional Social Media Profile

5 Tips to make your Social Media profile "Stand Out" Below is an article written by Lilit Grigoryan  , Consultant, Middle Management at STRAMMER Lilit is has over 4 years of experience as an Executive Search Consultant in the Life Sciences industry. Additionally, she has a strong track record in middle management placement in sales and marketing discipline. Today, [...]

Andrea Cattaneo joins STRAMMER!

February 27, 2018 Andrea Cattaneo   , Business Partner, Talent management at STRAMMER STRAMMER is proud to announce the launch of our Talent Management offering in Italy with the arrival of Andrea Cattaneo, Business Partner Talent Management! Andrea has more than 25 years of experience in the Life Sciences industry working for Global Corporations such as Johnson & Johnson, Datascope, Nutricia/Danone and Smiths Medical in senior sales [...]

Device can bring dead hearts back to life!

This Box Can Bring Dead Hearts Back To Life  Heart transplants is a surgical transplant performed on patients with heart failure or severe artery disease. The procedure consist of taking a functioning heart from a recently deceased organ donor and implanting it into the patient. Approximately 3,500 heart transplants are performed every year in [...]

Maria-Angeles Garcia and Mark Johnson join STRAMMER’s UK team!

STRAMMER is proud to welcome Maria-Angeles Garcia & Mark Johnson  Following last year's successful launch of the London Office, STRAMMER is proud to welcome Maria- Angeles Garcia & Mark Johnson on the UK team. Maria-Angeles Garcia   joined STRAMMER's UK team and has been appointed as Consultant, Middle Management. Maria has more than 17 years of experience in recruitment. She has worked in three different countries Spain, France and [...]

The Mazor X

Robot Assists in Spinal Surgery  If you’ve struggled with back pain in the past, you may be wondering if spinal surgery may be the only treatment for you. However, there is good news, the Mazor X can now make spinal surgery quicker and safer for patients. Mazor Robotics a leader in the field of surgical guidance [...]

David Mercier speaks about Transitional Management in “Le Nouvel Economiste”

Le Nouvel Economiste mentions David Mercier  , CEO of STRAMMER, in its press release about Transitional Management. Read the original article in French and the English translation right below : Transitional management, anticipate emergencies High-leveled profiles quickly available for specific and varied needs: Transition management appeals more and more to companies. The transition management market, while being confidential, is slowly growing. This term refers to [...]

EMA survey on Pharma companies preparedness for BREXIT & revised guidance concerning the ATMPs

EMA Faces BREXIT Challenges With the EMA changing locations from the UK to the Netherlands, many questions have been raised concerning pharmaceutical companies preparing for BREXIT. The EMA conducted a survey on companies and their preparedness for BREXIT to ensure medicine remain on the EU market. The survey's purpose is to select the companies who [...]