Home Healthcare: Why The Industry Is Increasing

Reasons for the increasing demand of home healthcare  Today it seems like you can get all your medical needs in the comfort of your own home. The healthcare industry itself experiences a real ‘boom’ right now. The aims are to keep the society healthy, involve them in their healthcare as much as possible and create longer [...]

3-D Printed Mask Improves Brain Scanning

3-D printed face mask will enable better brain scanning 3-D printed tools for surgeries are not an unusual thing anymore. However, have a look at this 3-D printed mask with the aim to replace brain scanners. This project is a collaboration between the University of Nottingham and University College London. To start with, the convenient [...]

New technology found for saving tumour data

New methods for full insight into metabolic process of a tumour Researchers at the University of Tübingen have managed to find a way to combine tumour data from imaging methods and technologies with high precisions. Goal of this is to better understand tumours. With this new method researchers would be able to get a full [...]

Alex Duchemin moves to STRAMMERs office in Brussels

May 2nd, 2018 Alex Duchemin  , Consultant in Middle Management, Science & Innovation at STRAMMER Alex Duchemin, our Consultant in Middle Management, Science & Innovation moved to STRAMMERs office in Brussels 1 month ago. Alex started working for STRAMMER as a Business Developer in Brussels 5 years ago. He started his career with STRAMMER in [...]

Mechanical Instrument Prevents Difficulties

Low-cost mechanical instrument for minimally invasive surgery Surgeons now got the chance to use a new type of mechanical instrument to perform complex, minimally invasive procedures thanks to researchers of the National Science Foundation. The mechanical instrument provides robot-like functionality at a lower cost compared to existing robotic surgical systems. That lower cost could result in [...]

MasSpec device can discover cancer by touch!

Discover the MasSpec Pen: A device to detect cancer by touch The MasSpec Pen aims to give surgeons more precise diagnostic information about what to cut and what to preserve during cancer surgery. It is an automated handheld mass spectrometry device that is used for non-destructive diagnosis of human cancer tissues. For achieving [...]

Angels Santé Partnership

Paris, April 19, 2018 STRAMMER becomes a corporate associate investor of Angels Santé, Europe’s leading healthcare network of business angels, reinforcing its commitment to start-ups in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. « STRAMMER is pleased to join the Angels Santé network. It opens the opportunity to support management teams in the development of [...]

E-skin: The revolution of smart clothing

'E-skin': The revolution of smart clothing Discover a shirt invented by Xenoma,  that is smarter than any other shirt you might have ever seen before. This special shirt called 'e-skin', is capable to monitor human motion data and people’s health while moving. To know how e-skin works, you must know that it has 14 [...]

Fundraising Marie-Abadie Day Hospital

Fundraising for children's at Marie-Abadie Day Hospital On Christmas of 2017, STRAMMER organised a toy donation for the children of the Marie-Abadie Day Hospital in Paris! Seeing these children happy and excited to receive these gifts is a wonderful memory. After seeing the impact of your generosity, we have decided to keep caring for these children. How? [...]

A tool that uses Mixed Reality to minimize errors in the OR

A tool that uses Mixed Reality to minimize errors in the OR Researchers from apoQlar are developing a surgical tool that is using a Mixed Reality software and works with a virtual surgery instruction, that is called the Microsoft HoloLens app. The HoloLens has already proven that augmented reality and mixed reality are maybe [...]