Surgical Glue Seals Wounds in 60 Seconds

Breakthrough: Surgical Glue Closes Wounds In 60 Seconds Scientists developed an adhesive, elastic surgical glue that could help with emergency treatments by sealing up critical wounds in the skin and even in organs. The surgical glue is made of methacryloyl-substituted tropoelastin, a hybrid elastic protein, that can be used for both, internal and external wounds [...]

Fundraising Marie-Abadie Day Hospital

Fundraising Event for children at Marie-Abadie Day Hospital On July 7th, STRAMMER organised another fundraising event for the Marie-Abadie Day Hospital. This time, we were partnering with a farm, that brought 15 farm animals to the hospital and created a day full of joy and happiness for the children and their parents. The children had [...]

AutoPulse for High-Quality Automated CPR

AutoPulse Resuscitation System for High-Quality Automated CPR The AutoPulse Resuscitation System provides high-quality automated CPR to help people with a sudden cardiac arrest. It's known to be easy to use and battery operated, and squeezes the patient’s entire chest to improve blood flow to the heart and brain. The AutoPulse is so far the only [...]

Mini-Brains Grown in Lab for Brain Studies

Mini-Brains Grown in Lab to Study DISC1 Mutations Researchers from Brigham and Women’s Hospital are creating new technologies for gene-editing tools and mini-brains to better understand the effects of DISC1 mutations in cerebaral organoids. The reason for this study is due to major mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder and many more [...]

Millennials Generation: How To Attract Them

How Employees Of The Future Work & What Attracts Them Compared to nowadays, the workplace of the future will look a lot different. Digitalisation is taking place and the impact it has on industries of any kind is increasing on a daily basis. New trends include new skills which are required to get [...]

The Motiv Ring: Smallest Fintess-Tracker

Motiv Ring Provides Great Tracking Technology and Comfort The Motiv Ring is a 24/7 Fitness and Sleep Tracking Device, that is the perfect combination of form, fit and function. It’s one of the smallest fitness trackers available so far. Devices for fitness tracking don't seem very innovative or new to our society anymore. However, we [...]

Digital Impact Within The Pharma Industry

How Digitalisation Changes the Pharma Industry The pharma industry gradually acknowledges the importance of digital health. However, some communities embrace it not enough yet. For doing so, it is essential to monitor trends carefully that will change the industry in near future. By implementing disruptive technology like 3D printed drugs, artificial intelligence guided therapies and preventive [...]

Robot Which Could Replace Surgeons

This robot may be the surgeon of the future This robot will help or even replace surgeons in the future. The robot can be used to diagnose and eventually treat lung cancer. It can be operated manually by using a controller, however, specialists say that it might be able to work without human aid. [...]

Robotic Foot Prosthesis For Perfect Fit

This robotic foot prosthesis gives the perfect fit Amputation below the knee is an increasingly common disability that reduces mobility and adversely affects quality of life. In order to help those people, the team at HuMoTech created an robotic ankle-foot prosthesis that can accurately reproduce a large variety of prosthetic ankle behaviors, including increased [...]

Prosthetic Fingers by Naked Prosthetics

Prosthetic Fingers: New hope for people with amputation The MCPDrivers are prosthetic fingers are for those amputees who have suffered and amputation closer to the hand. Through movement of the knuckle, the prosthesis mimics the flexion and extension of a natural finger. Benefits of this prosthesis, designed by Naked Prosthetics, are that it [...]