May 2nd, 2018

Alex Duchemin email3 Lien Linkedin, Consultant in Middle Management, Science & Innovation at STRAMMER

Alex Duchemin, our Consultant in Middle Management, Science & Innovation moved to STRAMMERs office in Brussels 1 month ago.

Alex started working for STRAMMER as a Business Developer in Brussels 5 years ago. He started his career with STRAMMER in Brussels but then moved to Paris to work as a consultant, Middle Management, where he stayed for 9 months. He had the vastest amount of his time at STRAMMER in Barcelona, where he stayed for about 3 years. He was in charge of business development and recruitment activities for Middle Management roles, within the Southern Europe region (Iberia and Italy).

Alex has an International Business background, and besides running recruitment activities, he will also focus on further developing the pharma business in Belgium. Doing internal moves within the company is always a great experience and we are happy to have him now based in Brussels.