Automated CPR Device

Cardiac arrest is a common public health issue. Today, more than 326,000 people 4o years and older experience out of hospital cardiac arrests in the USA. Even though we have advanced over the years in treating cardiac arrests, only 1 in 10 people will survive an out-of-the hospital cardiac arrest.

Autopulse by Zoll is a Resuscitation System providing high-quality automated CPR. This device is easy to use and could potentially help save lives. Professionals lay the patient on their backs and cover their chest with the CPR band, and the Autopulse then works on its own. The device calculates the size, shape, and resistance of each patient’s chest.

Performing manual chest compression of high quality is both difficult and tiring and sometimes impossible in certain situations. Therefore, this enables professionals to work on other tasks or prevents untrained people to do the job. It is also very safe and effective and easy to carry!