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David Mercier interviewed by « Grandes Ecoles & Université Magazine » – Special CEO Edition

Invited by the French revue « Grandes Ecoles & Université Magazine » for the special CEO edition, David Mercier shares his experience of the Life Sciences industry to the future graduated of the most renowned French universities!

Read the original French article and the English translation right below :

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STRAMMER is what is called a « recruitment agency » specializing in the Life Sciences industry. His particuliarity ? Being present throughout Europe and offering services that goes beyond the usual recruitment consultancy (on-boarding, coaching, outplacement …). At its head, David Mercier (Master RH of Paris-XIII University, 2000), a young CEO frank and direct.


Founded in 2008, STRAMMER has become a key player in recruitment, talent management and outplacement in the Life Sciences Industry . A sector that does not know the crisis! « When it comes to health, we do not make sacrifices,  » says David Mercier. Added to this the aging of the world’s population and the growing needs to improve patients’ lives and it is understandable why pharmaceutical companies, medical and surgical equipment companies and Biotech startups – the three main customers of Strammer – know a flourishing activity. It is therefore not surprising that STRAMMER has an impressive average annual growth rate of 40%.


 " Life Sciences, however, are faced with a deep change: the concentration of large groups, changes in the environment of hospitals and clinics … And to face this challenges, companies must show more agility and recruit leaders who will be able to accompany these changes and even encourage them « .


In this context, the head hunter must anticipate changes in the sector, understand the mechanisms and adapt to the customer’s environment, while being able to propose relevant profiles.  " But the arrival of professional social networks has led the profession to think about its role and to pull up the job of head hunter. Now we need to add more value and develop a strategic approach« .
This is why, in 2016, STRAMMER created the Full Talent Solution® , the first integrated Business HR solution dedicated to Life Sciences, to support organizations in all their dimensions and impact their business by strengthening and optimizing their human capital.  " This brings together our talent acquisition, talent management (both middle management and executive management) and outplacement activities that work in perfect synergy » .
For David Mercier, today one must reason « ecosystem ».  " This means bring the actors to an approach more linked to leadership than to technicality, and to be able to find skills that do not exist in our sector, for example by looking for candidates from other environments, such as agribusiness, mass retailing or the automotive industry . A revolution for all Life Sciences players !

The difference between Carlos Ghosn and me? He is not a contractor and it changes everything! Certainly, he knows how to handle a liner with talent but I pilot a speedboat with a vigilance of every moment focused on the cash of the company. Our job is not done in the same way!

A message to young graduates? Undertake! And for that, no need to have a revolutionary idea or to innovate at all costs! Suggest something that already exists but has real added value in terms of quality and customer service. That way, you will be successful.