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The DxtER

The DxtER

The Dxter Is A New Tricorder Sensor That Can Detect Various Medical Conditions

The Final Medical devices team have developed a Tricorder sensor that can detect 34 different medical conditions and monitor 5 vital signs.

The device which is called “the DxtER”, was designed to resemble a diagnostic tool featured in Star Trek and can be used by anyone, even without medical training.

It works by integrating the learnings from clinical emergency medicine in conjunction with data analysis from actual patients.

It can detect illnesses such as diabetes, atrial fibrillation, pneumonia, tuberculosis and many more with the use of Bluetooth sensors connected to an Apple iPad-based system.

In the future, DxtER could ultimately be time saving by eliminating the overcrowding issue in hospitals. Patients will be able to self-monitor their chronic conditions therefore, avoiding hospital bills. It will also stop people from having to rush to the hospital for something that’s non-life threatening or immediately urgent. In parts of the world where there are few healthcare workers, this innovation will provide lifesaving insight.