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E-skin: The revolution of smart clothing

E-skin: The revolution of smart clothing

‘E-skin’: The revolution of smart clothing

Discover a shirt invented by Xenoma,  that is smarter than any other shirt you might have ever seen before. This special shirt called ‘e-skin’, is capable to monitor human motion data and people’s health while moving.

To know how e-skin works, you must know that it has 14 strain sensors and a Hub with 6-axis accelerometer and gyroscope, which transmits information to a smartphone, tablet or PC via Bluetooth. It moves and stretches with the body’s movements. E-skin provides the ability of interaction with virtual reality content, games and analyzing athletic sports. It works wireless and can be used inside as well as outside, for many hours.

Currently body tracking is still difficult to realise, because it requires sensors dotted around a room to achieve an accurate tracking effect. However, for a matter of fact our skin is useful for recognizing what kinds of activities we are doing without being constrained by a camera.

Compared to other smart clothing, e-skin packs in a lot more than regular sports wearables. The PCF technology integrates specially designed sensors to monitor temperature of user and the amount of oxygen in the blood, among other things.