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Executive Interim Management

Executive Interim Management

Interim Management began in the Netherlands in the 1970s when business owners across multiple industries, including the Life Sciences, recognized a need for expertise in times of uncertainty. There has been a growing demand in companies for highly skilled candidates to take over job positions and solve current circumstances during a short period of time.

Over the last years, our industry found itself in need for flexible ways to work with Executive level talents. Companies did not have the essential headcount to recruit for full-time positions. The necessity for these external executives came from dealing with different uncertain situations such as: specific strategic transformations, change management projects, crisis, emergency cases or lastly, replacement of an employee to ensure business as usual.

Executive Interim Management enables companies to benefit from highly qualified executives with specific missions, within a fixed timespan.

Candidates for this position must be prepared to perform quickly and efficiently. Therefore, demonstrating a high-level experience and extensive knowledge in the field are required. Accordingly, an Executive Interim Manager is usually a senior profile who wants a change of scenery by working on multiple short-term projects to bring strong added value to companies. They are fully result-oriented and want to bring an outside perspective to the mission that they are working on.

Executive Management can be viewed as a consulting job with contractual ease which benefits both the company and the Executive Interim Manager. It is an opportunity for Senior Managers who cannot or are unwilling to commit to an indefinite work position.

STRAMMER has developed a new service with a dedicated team to find the most suitable and available candidates within one week (instead of 3 to 6 months) for the clients in need. Our Life Sciences team of experts focuses on searching qualified executives in their wide network to find the best possible fit between the client and the Interim Executive Manager. They also use an A.I. software to search for available candidates through all online platforms. Our team stays in touch with the Interim Executive Managers as well as the company with regular follow ups to keep track of the impact of this fit.

We ensure that the candidate we present is ready to start working immediately without an onboarding period like a traditional hire. Candidates must feel qualified for the new job and understand that his/her impact will be measured based on concrete results for their missions.

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