What to Expect As a Kidney Donor 

The kidneys are organs on each side of your spine, below your ribs, and behind your belly. The job of a kidney is to filter your blood;  it removes wastes, controls the body’s fluid balance, and helps keep the right level of electrolytes. If blood stops flowing into a kidney, part of it or all could die and could lead to kidney failure. However, you could only have 10% of your kidneys working and you may not notice any symptoms.

It is considered rather safe to live with only one kidney, however it is important to know the procedure and the risks of removing a kidney. The patients will first need to undergo a check up to see if they’re fit for the surgery; their blood, urine and other samples of compatibility has to be checked. There are a couple of risks for these donors, however studies show that kidney donors have a similar long-term survival rate to non-donors!

Watch the procedure below