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Farah Bellal joins STRAMMER Paris team

July 16th 2019, Paris France

STRAMMER is pleased to have Farah Bellal Email3 e1478535332407 Lien Linkedin join the team as Leads Generation Manager, MD, EMEA.

With years of professional experience in headhunting across Europe, Farah has developed great knowledge within the medical devices field. Her role as Leads Generation Manager at STRAMMER, along with her existing skills will allow her to advance in segmenting new leads across EMEA by pitching full aligned solutions and developing strong relationships with Key Decisions Makers.

Farah’s passion and enthusiasm drives her to stay active in the industry, that is, by coordinating with key players, talents and opinion leaders.

She believes greatly in the use of digital technology enhancing the MedTech industry by reinvigorating the workforces, that is, identifying and developing proven leaders.

With STRAMMER, Farah can incorporate her skills as the company shares similar styles and structures which are compatible with her way of working and thinking. Consequently, this approach strengthens the way she secures relationships with consultants and coaches – an element strongly needed in the Full Talent Solution® that STRAMMER is offering.

With her strong-willed attitude, her clear compliance to thrive and her forward thinking and continuous fervour to learn, Farah will be a valuable player in the STRAMMER team.