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Improve Productivity By Combating Anxiety

Improve Productivity By Combating Anxiety

Anxiety And Productivity Are Linked

We have all had those days where we feel burnt out and have a hard time doing our daily quota of work due to feeling overburdened and anxious. Turns out, it happens more than we think. The WHO conducted a recent study revealing that work-related anxiety takes a toll on both our mental health and financials. Indeed, anxiety sets the global economy back an approximate 1 Trillion USD each year. This indicates that work-related anxiety is more common than we think and workplaces can Improve Productivity By Combating The Anxiety of their employees during stressful times.

In today’s context, the chances of it increasing are higher. Covid-19 has taken the world by storm and millions of people’s work habits had to change in a very short period of time.

During these times, Leaders and HR Managers have a lot to contribute to protect their employees’ mental well-being. Employees can be troubled by the negatives around and lose focus and determination. This is especially true for new or younger recruits who are not accustomed to the usual company functions. Therefore, a steady flow of communication is necessary to familiarize, guide and reassure. If the company functions in a large scale and managers cannot individually address the concerns of all the employees, installing an employee assistance program could be crucial.An EPA helps employees with personal or business-related issues that may affect their performance, or mental well-being. These are confidential and free. Therefore, employees can take its advantages without the fear of being judged.

To ensure transparency, Leaders need to encourage feedback and constructive criticism which are the foundations of a positive environment where employees can thrive in.

Additionally, Leaders need to make sure employees take the necessary breaks and practice self-care. In today’s context, this means, among other things, taking a proper lunch break rather than eating quickly, taking a short break every now and then, logging out of work at the end of the day. This will assure work-life balance, and will make them look forward to go back to work.

Similarly, as an employee, constant professional and external pressures can cause your morale to deteriorate.The first step to avoid this situation is to cultivate a life, or in today’s context hobbies, outside of your work. Work is important but it is essential to establish healthy boundaries to avoid it from being all-consuming.

If you are feeling low on motivation, and could not get much done, do not put yourself down. A regular habit of this results in anxiety and insecurity in the workplace. Instead, take a break and do something you enjoy, such as playing a short game or talking to your family.

Additionally, if there is an identified culprit for anxiety such as a person or a task, bringing it up with superiors can help. They can provide solutions or be more compassionate the next time.

Overall, it is essential to take mental health into consideration if productivity slumps are being observed. Rather than giving ultimatums, firing or quitting, the best alternative is to try to look deeper into the problem. Addressing it with compassion and camaraderie will improve workplace productivity by combating anxiety.


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