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Job Search During Coronavirus

Job Search During Coronavirus

Job Search During in times of Coronavirus

Due to Coronavirus our lives are making a 360-degree turn. It is impacting everything from our personal to professional lives. A population that is “at risk” here is the jobseekers. We can observe reluctance from them regarding entering a recruitment process. They either prefer the security of their current job or, they are concerned about the changing nature of the recruitment process.

However, this crisis is not synonymous with a halt in recruitments. Quite the contrary. Some companies/industries are in dire need of talents and/or skills. It is true for GAFAs, but also for the mass retail market, video conferencing companies, digital payment companies and more importantly Life Sciences companies to deal with the increased demand.

This is good news for Talents. This means that the need that was here before the crisis is still here. The recruitment process is not and will not stop during this difficult period. However, we know a decision will not be made by the client before the face-to-face meeting, which means after the crisis.

Companies are adapting to the new normal by favouring remote work and flexible working conditions to overcome social distancing. Recruiters themselves are going through these changes. They are turning to digital platforms to conduct interviews, assessments, present shortlists to clients and everything else that needs to be done to ensure business as usual. They are bringing change to the hiring process.

A period of adjustments is necessary sure, but candidates should not panic. They should set a positive yet realistic mindset. Candidates still need to focus on making quality applications, as it will obviously increase their chances of getting a job.

What will make candidates stand out in today’s market state is to demonstrate and put into practice their soft skills. Their resume, motivation letter, application, job interviews, etc. must reflect adaptability, problem-solving and analytical skills. Talents should be clear on what they are looking for and take the necessary time to strengthen their personal brand. Positive thinking is also critical. Think about it this way: candidates are today more than ever, available. By being stuck at home, it is easier and faster for recruiters to have access to them.

As we said before, the recruitment process is not slowing down. It is only an impression. It is the final decision from the client that is postponed. However, as soon as the confinement period is over, the decision process will be very fast. Candidates will already be identified, assessed interviewed and their references will also be checked. So, jobseekers can see the recruitment process as the preparatory process. They can do their utmost to raise any small doubts the client may have about their track record, references, etc. by anticipating all the questions. This will set them up for success.

Job interviews are happening with the help of technology, via phone or video.  So, it is vital for jobseekers to prepare for them. Since there is no physical presence, they should focus on the way they use and project their voice. If a video is involved, they also need to make efforts to dress accordingly. Another thing to think about is a calm and luminous place in their home that will be dedicated to phone calls and/or video calls.

An undeniable advantage for current candidates and/or jobseekers is that managing a crisis is very revealing. Indeed, they will see first-hand how companies react, take decisions, set up priorities and respect their values in time of crisis. Many employees and candidates will ask themselves whether they identify with the real values of the company to which they want to belong or already belong. Candidates and/or jobseekers will abandon the idea of working with structures that have had dubious, unsuitable or even irresponsible practices.

One last thing jobseekers should not abandon is investing in their network. Many studies show that most jobseekers hear about job opportunities by word of mouth from their friends or professional network. The new reality may lead many to stop investing in their networks. However, jobseekers must do exactly the opposite, even if it may seem harder to connect and interact with others. Empathy should be at the heart of the exchanges. They need to build up the relationship first, as it may seems insensitive and inappropriate to ask for anything. Have a real conversation! This will encourage trust which is what networking is based on.

The MedTech, BioTech, Pharmaceutical and e-Health industries are once again demonstrating their important role in this crisisFor them recruitment is a necessity! So, keep applying and sending out your CVs.


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