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Job Searching: Strategies to Be Successful

Job Searching: Strategies to Be Successful

Job Searching Effectively

Employees know how demanding and frustrating job searching can be: apply for many vacancies and have no answers. In a 2018 survey by Clutch, 43% of respondents stated that their job search took over 3 months. However, there are strategies that you can adopt to boost the search and get more results, as the job search should not only consist of making indistinct applications.

Fernanda Cantarell Picture1 Email3 e1478535332407 1 our Consultant Life Sciences in Barcelona believes that: “A job search starts with the creation of a personal brand. (…) You need to focus all your attention to be visible to the professional market.”

Thus, it is vital to improve your LinkedIn profile and CV. They must be clear, concise and visually appealing. In addition, they must contain key information about the applicant’s professional life, academic background, spoken languages and best abilities/skills.  According to Claire Bisiaux Picture1 Email3 e1478535332407 1our EMEA Consultant Life Sciences, there is no need to include personal information.

Your CV needs to be targeted to the positions/sector to which you are applying. Thus, it makes sense to have a standard CV, that we adapt for each vacancy. For instance, Fernanda admits that: If there is a position that seeks someone with leadership capacity, it is interesting that you indicate on the CV how many direct reports you had in your previous professional experience.”

At the same time, your LinkedIn should include keywords related to the position/sector you are interested in. Plus, sharing content through this platform can be a strategy to attract recruiters.

Cover letters are now less common. Many people use quotes or a brief summary to describe what they are interested in and their aspirations. However, Fernanda considers that: “A good motivation letter can create a significant impact on the opinion of the person who is assessing your CV.”

To write a good one, start by giving a short description of yourself, including your strengths and why you are interested in the role. This letter should reveal proactivity, motivation and enthusiasm about the role and company.

It is equally important to refer that there is no perfect timing to start job searching, as companies do not open vacancies all at the same time. As Claire told us “As soon as you are not comfortable in a position, you should start the job search, as the market is wide enough. Don’t be afraid to explore.”

Making a list of the companies/roles you are interested in can be a good way to start job searching. Then, search for open vacancies on the websites of these companies and/or recruitment companies (like STRAMMER), on search engines, on LinkedIn, on job boards etc. and apply. Remember that answering job adds is vital to getting you in touch with potential employers and recruiters.

Also, Claire considers that “Reaching out to research agencies to let them know that you are open to the market is a very good strategy.”

You can also obtain information online or through your network about future investments/developments/funds in a company, which is usually synonymous with the need to hire new employees.

In addition, asking your network about new opportunities is vital. Your contacts are valuable assets, as they know your best skills/abilities and can inform you about the market, industries and connect you to other people.

All things considered and even if you are not sure if you fit in a certain position, Claire and Fernanda consider you should apply. Nevertheless, Claire’s advice is “Do not restrict yourself, but if you are far do not expect too much.” As soft skills become increasingly important and prevail over hard ones, meeting all requirements is not as crucial.

Job searching implies that you are patient, methodical and realistic, as it can be a long journey. So, rehearse interviews, work on your personal/professional brand, and last but not least, take a strong approach to companies by showing commitment and interest. Fernanda believe that the real answers for job search is Preparation, proactivity, good energy and commitment.”