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Maintaining Workplace Morale During A Crisis

Maintaining Workplace Morale During A Crisis

Boosting Employee Morale During COVID-19

The Coronavirus epidemic has affected the lives of many both physically and mentally. The predicaments that have ensued due to the crisis are evident on every platform – from social media, to conversations amongst friends and family. It can be hard to maintain motivation during such despondent times while working from home secluded. Therefore, it is important as a leader to be Maintaining Workplace Morale During A Crisis in difficult times and stay positive

Effective Communication is the cornerstone of preserving good spirits in the workplace. Therefore, it is vital not to be ambiguous or curt with employees. However, providing an abundance of information can be equally damaging. With the rampant coverage of the virus on media, people are getting discouraged, anxious and fearful. This, in turn is taking a great toll on their mental health. WHO encourages a regular balanced, concise and authentic conversation with employees about the virus to keep them updated.

It also suggests choosing a single source of information from a trusted website, rather than scrolling through social media all day. It may be advisable to create an intranet where news are filtered and shared. Remember to share positive messages on social media platform to boost positivity. This will not only help in maintaining workplace morale during a crisis and improve solidarity.  

If an employee is feeling anxious or distressed due to current scenarios, encourage them to share or explain how the company can help. If possible, company policies can be leniently modified to accommodate their requirements as a special case during the crisis. The job of a leader is to ensure the stability of the team, whether it relates to their job performance or mental health. However, if they do not feel at ease talking to the Human resources, or the manager about their issues, consider implementing an Employee Assistant Programme. EAPs are created to help the workforce get through difficult times and could reap great benefits to your employees.  

Praising employees for their hard work and continually providing guidance will serve the same purpose. Consider using incentives such as free coupons or gift certificates as this may motivate employees to be more productive and encourage healthy competition and excitement.

A video call after work with the team is a great way to preserve normalcy and share a laugh with colleagues. Not only will this make the employees look forward to work, but also show that there is a common purpose amongst the team. The most important aspect about elevating morale is the vision that we are not alone. Team-unity during times of crisis will drastically improve their personal and professional lives. 

Lastly, it is essential to remind the workforce that the crisis will soon be over and to prepare for the aftermath. As a manager or HR representative, it is a priority to make sure that employees return to the office with a positive attitude. Thankfully, with simple steps, businesses can improve and protect employee morale even when the world is facing a crisis.  


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