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The Motiv Ring: Smallest Fintess-Tracker

The Motiv Ring: Smallest Fintess-Tracker

Motiv Ring Provides Great Tracking Technology and Comfort

The Motiv Ring is a 24/7 Fitness and Sleep Tracking Device, that is the perfect combination of form, fit and function. It’s one of the smallest fitness trackers available so far.

Devices for fitness tracking don’t seem very innovative or new to our society anymore. However, we can constantly see how new appliances, with better updates or a more convenient shape get invented. Motiv is the first company to fit an optical heart rate sensor in a ring size.

The Motiv Ring is a real engineering triumph, given that it has three days of onboard memory storage without syncing. There’s no need to be tethered to your phone anymore. You don’t necessarily have to take your phone, when going for a run, the Motiv Ring will automatically sync your data with your phone once you got home.

Furthermore, the ring doesn’t have to be charged every night and the sleek form makes it perfectly comfortable for keeping it on when going to bed. The ring automatically detects when you fall asleep and wake up.