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Prosthetic Fingers by Naked Prosthetics

Prosthetic Fingers by Naked Prosthetics

Prosthetic Fingers: New hope for people with amputation

The MCPDrivers are prosthetic fingers are for those amputees who have suffered and amputation closer to the hand.

Through movement of the knuckle, the prosthesis mimics the flexion and extension of a natural finger. Benefits of this prosthesis, designed by Naked Prosthetics, are that it is custom designed to fit comfortably and suit one’s essential daily needs.

Furthermore, the sleek design allows for wearing of multiple devices and its pivot hinges allow for easy abduction and adduction. Natural abduction and adduction allow the wearer to use the device intuitively. This significantly reduces the acclimation period when the device is introduced and allows them to make many types of grasps, such as the spherical grasp which wouldn’t be possible without abduction.

It is made of medical-grade nylon 12, with stainless steel components for added strength and durability and, moreover, has a very modern look. Besides its modern look the prosthesis is created to add comfort and cushion for amputees.