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The Third Thumb: A 3D-Printed Prosthetic

The Third Thumb: A 3D-Printed Prosthetic

« The Third thumb » 

The prosthetic thumb is not meant to replace another body part, it’s a third thumb!

Dani Clode, a grad student at London’s Royal College of Art created the Third Thumb. It is A 3D-printed prosthetic which clips on to your hand and serves as an extension to your body.

The third thumb is made out of three main 3D-printed parts. All of the parts are connected via a bowden brake system (similar to a bike brake). 3D printing is ideal for this project, as it enables quick prototyping and a customised design so the thumb can come in different sizes!

You strap on the thumb to your hand which connects to a bracelet containing wires and servos. The thumb works using pressure sensors that sit under the soles of your feet; if you press down with one foot the thumb will make a grasping movement and sends it to the wrist unit via Bluetooth. It sounds a bit complicated, but we already have a strong connection between our hands and feet, for example when we are driving a car.

Furthermore, the prosthetic thumb can be used for a variety of functions as seen in the video. Check it out!