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5 Simple Recommendations to Create a Professional Social Media Profile

5 Simple Recommendations to Create a Professional Social Media Profile

5 Tips to make your Social Media profile « Stand Out »

Below is an article written by Lilit Grigoryan email3 Lien LinkedinConsultant, Middle Management at STRAMMER

Lilit is has over 4 years of experience as an Executive Search Consultant in the Life Sciences industry. Additionally, she has a strong track record in middle management placement in sales and marketing discipline. Today, she helps companies in developing their talent acquisition strategies and therefore has essential tips to give us regarding being successful in the work field. She is also a very good writer and uses this quality to regularly share those tips with us. Here is her latest article about 5 recommendations to make your social media profile stand out. 

More than 60% of HR experts in Germany use LinkedIn and Xing to evaluate candidates when hiring. It is not only important to have a professional profile in LinkedIn and Xing, but when you have one, try to make the most out of it.

Whether you are an active job seeker or not, developing your professional profile using social media is an important tool for your personal branding. Here are 5 simple recommendations which might help you to create a ‘stand-out’ social media profile:

1. Impress with the Content

In comparison to your CV (check out my recent article about making a successful CV), you have flexibility here to make your professional profile more creative. Of course you should list your skills, professional experience and education. Focus also on your achievements and not only on tasks and in addition feel free to add any volunteering activities and success stories. Do not write just plain text, use bullet points and make it more attractive. Use the opportunity of visualising your profile by adding videos, pictures or any relevant links.

2. Pay Attention to Keywords

Make your professional profile in a way that is relevant to the type of position you are looking for. Use relevant terminology and keywords in order to be found by recruiters and potential employers. For example, if the role you are looking for, requires project management skills, make sure to use the keyword ‘project management’ in your profile several timesDo not mix up keywords with buzzwords and try to avoid buzzwords. For example “creative”, “strategic”, “analytical”, etc. -these are the most common used words in social media. Be more creative!

3. Make a Professional Picture

Your picture should make a professional impression. It is important to have a profile picture, which is recentclear and makes a positive impressionDo not put selfies or unprofessional home-made photos. Invest and make a proper one.

4. Join Groups

Be engaged and join groups relevant to your profession and industry. Being active in groups will not only help you in your job search, but it is a great tool for a professional exchange. It is a valuable resource to be part of relevant discussions in your field, get new ideasinsights and network with relevant professionals.

5. Network and Be Active

Do not be afraid to connect and build up your networkDefine your audience which is relevant for your professional field and start making connectionsFollow companies you are interested in to get regular updates and newsShare relevant content and make updates about your industry. This makes you more visible on LinkedIn and Xing and be more engaged with your network.

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