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Regular Exercise Can Impact Our Health

Regular Exercise Can Impact Our Health

Regular Exercise has a Strong Impact on Your Health

Whether it is a brisk walk around the park or the soothing session of meditative practices, regular exercise holds many health benefits. In fact, many researchers have proposed that such exercises can improve the physical and mental state of one’s body.

The American Heart Association has listed some moderate physical activities such as a brisk walk, that is, 3 miles per hour or faster; water aerobics; bicycling, that is, slower than 10 miles per hour; dancing; sports like tennis and even gardening.

A recent study done in the United States, showed that regular physical exercise of 45 minutes for 3 to 5 times a week respectively can reduce poor mental health. It further explained that those physically active on a regular basis can experience on average 2 days of poor mental health per month, while others experience 3.4 days.

Furthermore, with increased public interest and the appraisal from medical researchers, regular exercising accompanied with meditation has become increasingly popular. Several companies have now developed innovative ways to make such exercises reachable and this is seen through the use of technological devices like apps and digital appliances.

With exercising being easily accessible, it is now simpler than ever for one to enjoy the benefits of regular exercising. Such benefits are but not limited to the following:

Improved mood and herein reducing the signs of depression, stress and anxiety. It also increases hormone levels like norepinephrine, endorphins and serotonin which reduces feelings of depression and help produce positive feelings and attitudes.

Lowering one’s chances for weight gain and obesity. It also reduces the risks of chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes, high blood cholesterol and heart diseases. It further helps one to manage their blood sugar and insulin levels.

♦ Helps to improve one’s brain health and functions, that is, memory and thinking skills. This is done by stimulating the blood and oxygen flows to the brain and enhancing growth of brain cells.

Exercising regularly can offer plenty of advantages that can bring great improvement to one’s health. With many options now available to us, it is only feasible to choose a fitting routine and remain active to enjoy its benefits.


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