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Rehabilitation Robot called »HARMONY »

Rehabilitation Robot called »HARMONY »

Rehabilitation Robot for People With Neuromuscular Disabilities

Researchers at the ReNeu Robotics Lab from the University of Texas at Austin, have been working on a rehabilitation robot for people that have neuromuscular disabilities after a stroke, for example. People with neuromuscular disabilities have to take part in extensive physiotherapy programs with the help of professionals.

Now, a stationary exoskeleton robot, called “HARMONY”, can potentially provide support for upper body and reduce the risk of injury by controlling the range of motion. HARMONY can also link the motion to a virtual reality set to create interactive rehabilitation tasks.

Moreover, the team of researchers is currently trying to make the exoskeleton always stay active so it feels weightless to the user.

HARMONY is not the first of its kind, but an improved version with the goal to help patients recover strength and motor skills, in a more efficient and creative way.