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Reinventing The Role Of Human Resources

Reinventing The Role Of Human Resources

The Role Of HR

HR departments and their leaders have evolved from their traditional roles. Now, the chief human resources officer (CHRO) does much more than just managing and hiring the workforce. On top of that, Human Resources are now responsible for several extraneous factors due to the Coronavirus crisis.

For instance, a recent study conducted by IBM showed that 51% of respondents agreed that “CHROs need significant leadership experience outside the HR function to be successful.” Another 50% of respondents stated that they “need to be a critical change agent during the overall business transformation effort.” These numbers show that CHROs have a strong impact not only on HR but also on the business. It is due to this reason it has now become more important than ever to be reinventing the role of Human Resources in companies.

Members of the CHRO Global Leadership Board (which includes over 20 CHROs) and the CEB research team (now Gartner) developed a new model: World-Class CHRO. It puts CHROs at the heart of success and aims to improve their competencies/skills. In this model, the CHRO works closely with the CEO in a partnership.

This model has already been put into practice and has proven effective in many organisations. For example, Medtronic has applied this model. A World-Class CHRO has 5 main responsibilities:

  • Board’s Leader of Human Capital
  • Creator of Talent Strategy
  • Enterprise change leader
  • Driver of culture and purpose
  • Trusted advisor and coach

Given that these responsibilities are adaptable/flexible, the model can be applied in all sectors, from small to large companies and through their different phases (growth,downgrade, or crisis recovery). Moreover, as this model requires HR leaders to be more than that, they must have the skills and abilities necessary to be successful: people management and assessment skills, coaching skills, data analytics, employee engagement, etc.

A lot of companies considered this model as an effective way to structure their organisations to help with reinventing the role of Human Resources. This could be an effective solution for your company, especially if you wish to strategically remodel your approach based on effects of Coronavirus, or other indicators.

STRAMMER has been specialising in Executive Search, Human Capital Management and Strategic Advice dedicated to the Life Sciences industry for more than 10 years.

With a team of Client Partners and Consultants, we invest in partnering with HR leaders and facilitate the adoption of a Human Capital Leaders posture. This team is even passionate on delivering customised programmes to support Business Leaders with the 5 insights mentioned above.

By enabling Human Capital and Business Leadership hands in hands, STRAMMER develops client’s grow.


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