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Simon Dolan joins STRAMMER!

January 18, 2018

Simon Dolan, Business Partner Talent Management & Executive Coach at STRAMMER

Simon  email3 Lien Linkedin has great experience in the Life Sciences industry, after having spent more than 30 years leading teams in R&D and Manufacturing.

Being a scientist, training as a chemist, and wanting to make medicines led him to specialise in the Pharmaceutical industry. He began his career at GSK  in 1985  as a senior chemist,  eventually becoming Head of Department and Global Director for Chemistry and Technology. For the last 8 years he has also been developing a career internally to GSK and now externally as a  leadership coach. Simon has lead large European Industrial/Academic consortia to develop sustainable approaches to manufacturing and encountered many challenges throughout his career, such as building high performing teams from diverse organisations and backgrounds. Gradually during his career he has developed a passion for developing people to achieve their maximum potential  and decided he wanted to work in coaching full time. 

His goal  is to help people by thinking about what is needed  for leadership in the 21st century  in order to deal with increasing complexity and environmental/societal needs. Simon wants to introduce a  form of leadership that is more relational,  listens to what is trying to emerge and is able to engage with multiple views in an objective and creative way. Today, Simon brings many perspectives to his coaching – experiential,  psychological, developmental, systemic to inform his coaching with clients.

Now, we are proud to count him in STRAMMERs  team! Simon will be an incredible asset in our objective to assess and develop leadership capability for our international clients.