This 3D-printable Synthetic Can Function As A Soft Muscle

Robots lack fine control, they do not move like we humans do. They tend to pause between each move. This is why when we think of a robot we think of moving in a “robotic” fashion with some kind of a “tic”. Therefore, it is very difficult to make a robot capable of moving with smooth movements.

Researchers at Columbia Engineering have solved this issue by creating soft robots. These robots will have actions and movements similar to the human body. They have developed a 3D-printable synthetic muscle with artificial active tissue.  Robots equipped with these muscles will perform in a human-like-manner and outperform human strengths!

Each of these muscles consists of a sealed bag filled with air or fluid. When the pressure inside the bag is reduced using an electric pump, the whole structure collapses and contracts. These muscles are much stronger than those of humans and can lift up to 1,000 times their own weight.

This will enable the robot to expand and contract like real muscles do, the further the extension the greater the strength. These soft robots will be able to perform delicate tasks, pick up objects and even provide medical assistance!