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Talent Crunch talks David Mercier BFM Business

May 13th, 2019, Paris

BFM Business interviews David Mercier, email3 Lien Linkedin, Founder and Executive Chairman at STRAMMER about the challenges of Talent Shortages (Talent Crunch) for the Life Sciences industry.

 STRAMMER – A Key Player in Recruitment in the Life Sciences Sector

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Professional recruitment firms in modern times are transforming the way new talent is acquired within the Life Sciences industry.  In an interview with BFM Business, Founder & Executive Chairman of STRAMMER, David Mercier,, mentioned the hard work the company puts in to restore the image of this industry in order to attract the ideal candidates.

In the Life Sciences industry, nearly 720,000 traditional positions are disappearing while 850,000 new ones need to be generated. This is mainly due to the increasing importance of digitalisation and artificial intelligence. The average age in this industry is of 44 years old and reflects the growing concerns of an ageing population as this number is said to increase by an additional year every 3 years. Moreover, mid-size companies, start-ups and large industrial groups are the ones developing new technologies, products and services in hopes of optimising disease prevention and improving patient living conditions.

Hence, a key challenge for this sector over the next 5 years is to fill the talent gap and attract a younger population of candidates.  Given the number of vacancies in 54,000 identified companies worldwide and despite challenges large companies have recently faced, STRAMMER is looking for creative ways to attract new talent among Millennials. Companies are not the only ones affected by these talent shortages but start-ups and industrial groups who develop new high-performance technologies are as well.

With reference to the recruitment process, STRAMMER continually aims at creating a positive image for the Life Sciences industry, especially for the Millennials. Analysing the needs within the industry is necessary for the company to determine a solid offer pertaining to talents in the fields of digitalisation, artificial intelligence and other new technologies. Surely, at this rate, STRAMMER will become the leader in Talent Management in the Europe-Middle East region.