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The Future of  Life Sciences Sales Forces

The Future of Life Sciences Sales Forces

 The Future of Life Sciences Sales Forces

Philippe Laroche Email3 e1478535332407 Lien Linkedin, Chief Commercial Officer at STRAMMER addresses the Future of Life Sciences Sales Forces

For several years, Life Sciences companies have been insistent that the industry needed a new working model pertaining to the Future Of Sales Force In Life Sciences. However, the uncertainty of its success fostered apprehension in firms, causing none to take the initial step to implement this new model.

Nevertheless, the COVID-19 crisis has forced this inevitable change. They must embrace the “new normal” for which leaders must be responsible for in ensuring that the transition goes well, while tackling their usual activities. They must be the bearer of change to inspire and guide their employees in implementing personalised and suitable sales model for clients. This ascertains that companies are prepared for the future of sales force in Life Sciences.

If MedTech firms want to be able to keep up with the changes, these challenges must be faced efficiently to allow for a smooth but necessary transition.