A tool that uses Mixed Reality to minimize errors in the OR

Researchers from apoQlar are developing a surgical tool that is using a Mixed Reality software and works with a virtual surgery instruction, that is called the Microsoft HoloLens app. The HoloLens has already proven that augmented reality and mixed reality are maybe even going to overcome virtual reality in every aspect. “Virtual Surgery Intelligence (VSI) is a smart medical software for surgeons based on Mixed/Augmented Realtiy using artificial intelligence”, according to the company itself.

This software will have an effective presence in many future ORs worldwide. Apparently, it can be seen like a tool that places 3D models into an operating room space. This could make operations easier and help surgeons saving lives, given that it can be used for viewing MRI and CT scans during operations. Moreover, the app allows to study anatomical structures up close and any 3D image can be studied on the fly, something that did not exist in such way before.

This tool could be a life changer and have a great impact for reducing surgical complications and additional costs, especially for complicated operations in areas like the neck. Researchers are still developing and improving the tool, working on faster systems and learning about possible machines that can helpful in that process. A need for the software is truly given, since operations could become less complicated and safer for everyone in the future.