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Wearable Yeast “Microbrewing” To Protect From Dangerous Radiation Exposure

Scientists have created new bandages that are made by the same yeast that make beers. The bandages are called “microbrewies”. These wearable microbrewies were made to protect body from dangerous radiation exposure by measuring it to prevent tissue damage that causes cancer.

The patches which are affordable in production, are made from aluminium and freeze paper. Because yeast and human tissue are genetically similar, the information given by the small badges could be beneficial in understanding the damage made in the human body by radiation.

The innovative device requires users to use it by dropping water droplets in the yeast, which would create ions, that would then measure the electrical charge by a specialized machine.

This new technology could one day be valuable to radiology workers in medical centers / hospitals, nuclear plant workers and nuclear disaster victims, who are exposed daily to radiation and are at risk of the dangers associated with it.

Ideally scientists are aiming to make this device commercially available, so that it can one day be included in tablets or phones. STRAMMER