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Surgical robotics in 2022

Surgical robotics in 2022

Surgical robotics in 2022

PUMA 560, the world’s first surgical robot, was used in a brain biopsy procedure in 1985 to reduce hand tremors.

Thanks to 5G networks and reduced latency times between the operating surgeon and the remote patient, patients even can be operated on from a different hospital or even a different country.

Robotic surgery allows patients to recover faster and is also often used to make complex procedures easier to perform.

Common Examples:

Kidney transplant, kidney removal, robotic kidney surgery, single-site robotic gallbladder surgery…

We can notice that 84.2% of urological procedures are robotic in the UK.

In 2030, the surgical robotics market is expected to reach $22.7 billion, thanks to novel technology, new market players, and disruptive business models.

It’s safe to say the surgical robotics market is growing. And as it does, more-and-more companies are competing with each other and developing technologies.

For example, last year, Johnson & Johnson revealed they were working on a competitor to Intuitive Surgical’s da Vinci system – which was the only name associated with surgical robots ten years ago.